Why Ex-Employees Are Investments

Why Ex-Employees Are Investments

A company’s ties with an ex-employee does not end with the employee’s resignation; it only begins the employee’s journey to finding their own wants and needs in their careers. However, many successful companies who had hired back their past employees could do much better with ex-employees because of the following.


1. Risk

The company has hired this employee before. The HR department knows about his or her attitude regarding work, their failures that led to lacklustre performance and achievements that led to great accomplishments for the company and other things that surround their work and personal life. In short, the person’s talents are just a bonus because they are easier to understand than hiring new employees.

2. Valuation of Position

People who leave their jobs either found a better offering from another company, found no job satisfaction in their occupation or just had to do so for personal reasons, such as relocation and mandatory personal vacation. When they return, they find that the opportunities they received elsewhere or their own methods did not work. They understand the value of their job better, and so they will become more dedicated to their tasks.

3. Effectiveness

As a previous employee, they understand how the company works. They know how to fulfil quotas and requirements better through their experience with other companies. They also have a better perspective knowing that they know the expectations of their employers better.

Increasing Your Relevance in Social Media

Increasing Your Relevance in Social Media

Relativity to keywords and relevance to the industry is important to achieve in online marketing and brand development. Getting a high relevance mark in social media can boost your relativity to the industry and different brands. Here are a few things that can increase your relevance through social media.

1. Rising Above the Noise
Social networks are almost reaching levels of saturation from companies and businesses trying to market their own brands in a virtually daily basis. Rising above the noise will be a challenge. In your own demographic, observer the competitors you have nearby and the day where most of them will update their social network accounts. Find a day that has no clutter, and you could rise above the noise as more people can view and communicate with your brand.

2. Importance of Communication
Regardless of positive or negative posts tagging your product, or using tags related to your product, a response from a team of communication experts could help increase your relevance as people could post about your efficiency and dedication to service in improving your wares. Anybody else who finds out about a small “good deed” will increase your brand reliability and relevance.

3. Language
If your products or service are international, responding in the consumer’s native language also shows the respect and care the brand has to its customers. Use a multilingual strategy in forming your brand, and you could be amazed what a simple root language-statement could do to your online marketing results.

How to Gain Patrons Through Content Marketing

How to Gain Patrons Through Content Marketing

Many internet marketers look at content as a very big factor in 2014’s online marketing and branding technique improvements. Generating good content is not just by providing a good article, or a helpful video. You could gain more patrons through the following.

1. Target Market
Your writers must know their audiences, and they must place the company in the perspective of the audience. Identify the goal of the marketing strategy whether you are building trust, endorsing a new product, making a review, etc.

2. Accessibility
Some readers want to read updates from blogs through emails. Some want links that get them to the new posts. Some subscribe through RSS feeds. Your readers will start trusting you if you put your media into places or pathways that they would want to access the information.

3. Why Would They Read It?
Writers must ask themselves why would audiences want to read their content before writing any information at all. Writers then gain a perspective about their audience and process the post in a way that it becomes readable or more accessible for the readers.

4. Respond
Post authors must make it a point to respond to their audience. Audiences trust an author who also shares their insight, acknowledges mistakes, updates the information on the post and provides additional sources and advice. The discussion board below posts are useful places to improve relations with readers.

Bullying in Barclays May Result to PPI Refund Taxation Errors

Bullying in Barclays May Result to PPI Refund Taxation Errors

According to a Barclays whistleblower, the overwhelming attempts to abuse the Barclays Financial Reconciliation contractors have resulted to underworked duties regarding the taxation of Barclays’ PPI refund taxation costs. The taxation of interest in PPI is used by senior officials of the bank, including Barclays CEO Anthony Jenkins.

Former FR Contractor Chris Boyle said that Barclay’s departments do not care about its employees at all as it bombards them with work that was deliberately made wrong. Upon his resignation, Boyle sent a letter to all the senior officials of Barclays informing them that the PPI refunds taxation of interest figures may be incorrect.

Barclays pays taxes included in every PPI refund they provide consumers.

Barclays said that they take issues of bullying in the workplace very seriously and that they have launched an investigation regarding the taxation of interest problems. The bank said they could have addressed the issue on bullying if Boyle had come forward earlier before his resignation.

Currently, the bank is leading in terms of financial complaint numbers in 2013 with 309,000, a 17% drop from its previous number in 2012. It is by far the third largest contributor to the mis sold PPI fiasco.

Social Networks and Your Internet Marketing Strategies

Social Networks and Your Internet Marketing Strategies

Facebook may be the world’s biggest social network, but it is the least effective social media platform for increasing your search engine marketing attempts. If you do well in Facebook, your website’s reputation can rise up in the social network, but it can be shot down easily by other companies who have professional social network accounts managing and interacting the Facebook company page, the website itself, and in other social networks.

The idea that the more social networks you have, the more your internet presence increases is only partly true. The quality of social network you use plays a great role in internet marketing.

For example, a company that uses the personal accounts of their employees to manage the Facebook company profile gains more than just an anonymous update from the page itself. However, if you do the same in a professional business social network such as LinkedIn, you gain more recognition by search engines.

Your employees’ credentials, achievements and professional information in professional business social networks have search engines consider your company as official. While some casual social networks allow for verification, your employees’ credentials also make your company.

Social networks play more than just to spread your company updates; it is also a strategic form of identification that search engines often use.

Search Engine Optimization: The Value of Link Building

Search Engine Optimization: The Value of Link Building

Imagine this: You recently met an investor looking to put his or her money in a company that you supply services and products. Effectively gaining from this opportunity, you and the parent company enjoy a high productivity because of the investor’s funding. Because you are linked to the parent company, you also gain the benefits. This is the key idea of link building.

However, link building in the internet needs recognition from your target audience and the websites that feature or link to your content. A parent company with a widely-recognized brand can endorse you to its audiences effectively. If your link is featured in famous content websites, then you also gain reputation from such.

Your link is also like a parent company in itself; the more people recognize its usefulness and recommend it to other readers, the better your content’s reputation becomes.

In link building, it is important that you endorse the article in forums, social media discussions, videos or anywhere that it will get good visibility. Better-recognized websites or content helps your articles and other content better because they have larger audiences.

As content may be the future of search engine optimization, it is imperative that your articles and content get as much large audiences as they can for their exposure will mean your business’ successes.

Original Personal Content VS. Anonymous Informative Content

Original Personal Content VS. Anonymous Informative Content

Every major business today has a blog on the side and internet marketers cannot argue enough that blogs are very essential business components. However, does a personal blog weigh higher against anonymously-written but useful content? Without having to go through SEO technicalities, here are a few explanations.

1. Authority
Google and other blogs that pay their authors for their articles, such as Squidoo, will always consider the authority of the personality behind the blog. Google now displays the names of the blog authors in web-searched articles. Original personal content will weigh higher than anonymous content if the writer has established authority to talk about the topic.

2. Reaching a Wider Audience
Anonymous content could become useful and can gain a viral following, but without a figurehead author, some people could be sceptical about the information shared in the blog. While an anonymous content could be useful with its links that show the facts to be true, an author can affirm the content’s legitimacy better.

3. Unbiased Opinion
Author accounts ensure that the blogs do not contain biased opinion. Most authors, as they are professionals in their respective fields, look at topics in an unbiased way. Facts will be their logical waypoints in discussing topics and they will express their opinion with a disclaimer.

Checking the Quality of Your Internet Content

Checking the Quality of Your Internet Content

Internet audiences easily appreciate high quality content, which is why ascertaining the quality of your content in your marketing affairs is highly important. Here are a few pointers to ensure that you are putting your best foot forward in your advertisements and information-advertisements.

1. For Appropriate Audiences
Not all audiences can appreciate certain content. For example, a five-year old will not get figures of speech regarding the products you are selling. Be sure that you align your content with your target audience. Making an action movie-esque advertisement can be interesting for young adults and adults who view it. A dramatic advertisement may appeal to women more than men.

2. Proper Formality
If you are writing in a famous blog for musicians, writing in a formal manner for rock fans may put them off because of improper formality. Always regard market culture concerning using casual and formal forms of articles, information or other media. If you are writing for professional scientists, you are free to use jargons and technical terms that you would not use when writing for conventional audiences.

3. Production
Production means the quality of research and attention to detail given to the quality of content you provide. In a video advertisement, good actors, a well-written screenplay, good cinematography and exemplary resolution is highly important and these are quick symbols for a good production. In articles, a well-researched article with sources properly cited are signs of good production quality.

Developing Good Brand Signals Online

Developing Good Brand Signals Online

Internet marketing is better improved if you ensure that your brand signals are aligned with your campaigns. If your business is advertising elsewhere aside from the Internet, the better results you could get. Here are a few things you need to develop your brand signals.

1. Employees
Your business social media profile ensures you have a social media presence, but registering your employees in these social media profiles and having them register your business social media profile as their employer is a great way to have the social media network verifies that you are a legitimate business.

2. Rapport
Having your employees actually use their personal accounts to answer the questions of some of your consumers and audiences actually helps in building your brand signal.

3. Offline Campaigns
If you have a radio or video advertisement, you could use sound-hosting and video hosting services to portray them in your page. Using trailers could help your social media profile boost its credibility, given that social media networks recognize your profile has information that other possibly fake accounts would not have.

4. Press Releases
If you have some interviews or articles that some online or offline journalists have created, posting them in your social media profile helps in developing your brand signal. With better press releases, the more your company gains recognition on social media.

Making Good on your Social Media Campaign

Making Good on your Social Media Campaign

Social media works for businesses as it works for television channels; imagine that your social media account is a channel and the more people subscribe to your media, the more you earn exposure. The best side of social media is that every subscriber’s profile is a possible channel that distributes your media through viral marketing. Here are a few things to help you make good on your social media campaign.

1. Brand Awareness
Focus on developing your brand and the quality of your products and services first. Have famous critique websites related to your trade review your product and endorse their criticism on their website. For example, a band’s album could gain higher fame if a famous critic wrote about it. From such content, a social media profile the band has could gain fame.

2. Updates
Keep your updates to one or two a day and mostly post updates on your page when there is very high traffic. If your target audience are senior professionals, for example, you could post updates during the time they get home, which is possibly around 9PM in the evening, for maximum exposure. Timing is important and spamming updates during every hour could earn you penalties from the social media or have followers unsubscribe to you out of annoyance.

3. High Quality Content
Prove that you are true to your publication by providing high quality content. Subscribers feel the dedication of a company, business or entity if they put great effort in producing content. This content will likely be shared by a social media user in his or her own account if they find it interesting, entertaining or thought-provoking.